Skhalta monastery, Adjara province

Skhalta monastery complex is located in mountainous Adjara province of Georgia, it includes the church of the Virgin, built in 13th century and a small chapel built on the ruins of 10th century church

Vardzia cave town, Georgia

Sapara Monastery, Georgia

10th century Sapara monastery, located in South-West Georgia, Samtskhe-Javakheti region.

Tchule (Chulevi) monastery

11th and 14th century churches located in east Georgia, Samtskhe-Javakheti region.

Zarzma Monastery, Samtskhe-Javakheti province

8th century monastery with beautiful location and preserved frescoes, located in Adigeni province, Samtskhe-Javakheti region.

Green Monastery, Georgia

St. George monastery (Green Monastery) is located in Chitakhevi, Borjomi province. Built in 8th. century A.D.

Tamada Tour Georgia

No other country has so tasty bread, as Georgia. Fruits are unusual and of wide assortment. In no other countries you can drink so wonderful wine and so much, as in Georgia
            Jean Chardin, the French traveler of the 17th c.

In Georgia Supra (dinner-table) has an ancient time traditions. The table is managed by toast-maker “Tamada”. Tamada is elected on democratic basis by table participants but he is the only monarch of the table. Tamada professionally manages the table – raises his glass of wine proposing a toast and telling about the history of country, its culture. He is full of witty, humor and cheerfulness. As soon as you display interest, knowledge and witty you’ll become the most desirable participant of the table. …And if you are able to drink enough wine and to have a competition with Tamada, so you have a chance to take management in your own hand and become Tamada. The toast proposed by Tamada is obligatory for any participant. After his toast you must propose toast yourself, extend or add his toast, give your own interpretation and if it is possible to drink the glass to bottom. You’ll be excited by Institute of Tamada. He will raise toast to your parents, children, family, and country accompanying his speech by Georgian folk songs singing. You will have a possibility to study Tamada’s traditions, become a bit tipsy, but get a belief that Georgian wine is exotic. You will fall in love at once, and get a willing to taste it again.

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Mountain Ski Resort Gudauri: located on the southern slopes of the main Caucasus ridge, 2,153 meters above the sea level, 120 kilometers from Tbilisi, is beloved by skiing, snowboarding and heli-skiing fans. Depth of the snow is  reaching 2 meters frequently and the climate is mild with lots of sunshine during the season that lasts in Gudauri from December to April.

Winter-ski Holidays in Gudauri: at the altitude of up to 3,000 meters, there are four 18 km. marked skiing track lines, fitting the European standards for: slalom, giant-slalom, super-giant and downhill track lines, which are popular among professionals and amateurs. Three Dopplemayer elevators with 3 and 4 seats connect all skiing areas. Gudauri slope is always entirely available for those who like to ski on virgin snow; they have at their disposal the slope of 4 km wide and 5 km long, with difference in altitude up to 1,000 meters. Special helicopters for heli-skiing are provided for experienced skiers, who can avail the service to go as high as 3,800 m which is the height of the Main Caucasus Ridge. All lines (red, blue, and black categories) are perfectly prepared and certified with FIS certificate. Gudauri ski resort is a real haven for professional and amateur alpine skiers.


Location: Gudauri, ski lift is starting directly from the hotel.
Rooms: 101 rooms, of which are 4 deluxe, 24 suites and 73 standard double rooms with bathroom, satellite TV, phone, mini bar, 24 hours room service.
Meals: breakfast, buffet style.

Location: Gudauri resort.
Rooms: single, double, triple and deluxe rooms with bathroom, cable TV, phone, mini bar, 24 hours room service.
Meals: half board.

Location: Gudauri, 800 m. from the ski runs.
Rooms: 11 rooms, of which are 1 deluxe, 7 standard double and 3 standard triple rooms with bathroom, satellite TV, phone, 24 hours room service.
Meals: full board.

Location: Gudauri, 500 m. from the ski runs.
Rooms: 19 rooms, of which are 3 deluxe, 16 standard double rooms with bathroom, satellite TV, phone, mini bar, 24 hours  room service.
Meals: half board.

Location: Gudauri, 550 m. from the ski runs. 
Rooms: 20 rooms, of which are 12 standard double, 8 standard triple rooms with bathroom.
Meals: half board.

Location: Gudauri, 500 m. from the ski runs.
Rooms: 33 rooms with bathrooms, satellite TV.
Meals: half board.

Location: In the center of Gudauri resort, 100 m. from the ski runs.
Rooms: 6 double and 3 triple standard rooms with bathrooms and satellite TV.
Meals: half board.

Location: In Gudauri resort, 100 m. from the ski runs.
Rooms: 42 comfortable rooms with bathrooms.
Meals: full board.

big thank you

I want to say big thank you for Exotour for the great tour in Georgia. We loved it a lot and it we saw a lot of nice places and people. As well I want to say thanks for very professional people (Levani and Maka) who helped us to see beautiful Georgia, very helpful personnel in Georgian house hotel and great food in Tamada restaurant.

Wishing all the best for your business!

See you next time in Georgia!

Good Memory

Sceneries.from Georgia tour: what we have seen, especially Kasbegi and the Caucasus mountain range, the sites of Gergeti Trinity Church, Uplistsikhe, Davit Gareja Monastery, the monasteries and churches in and around Mtsketa, the Khertvisi Castle and Vardzia have enchanted us in your country. In Armenia, the sites of Garni Temple, of Gerart Monastery. of the Mounts Ararat and Aragats in the background of many facinating monasteries, the wilderness around the Amberd Fortress and the ruins of the Vii Century castle in the middle of the clouds made impression on us.
So did all ceremonies in the Georgian as well as the Armenian monasteries. In Azerbaijan, the road to and from Sheki, the pilgrim place of Besbarmag Dag (the 5 finger Mountain), right above the Caspian sea, the region of Kuba and Nazli Bulak, close to the Dagastan border, the Gobustan ancient dwellings and petroglyphs site (XII Century B.C,), the Tabris mountains in the South were full of excitements.

Georgian House: Hotel in the old town

Hotel Georgian House is located central in Tbilisi old-town, but in very quiet street, 5 minutes walk from Avlabari subway station and 15 minutes walk from Rustaveli Avenue. Guests will enjoy Hotel services and facilities: local breakfast, friendly and well organized staff, clean and comfortable rooms with bathroom / shower, international phone, satellite TV, mini bar, air conditioner and heating system.

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