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Georgia has a long and fascinating history. Noah’s son Thargamos settled in the land of Japheth, somewhere between the Ararat and Caucasus mountains. Georgians claim descent from his great grandson Karthlos. Despite its small size, Georgia is ecologically very interesting. Located between the forests of northern Eurasia and the trohttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifpical deserts of Iraq and Iran and incorporating Europe’s highest mountains and subtropical coastline, it has a high level of biodiversity. The country’s greatest asset is its people: convivial, tolerant and hospitable, they embody the finest artistic and cultural traditions of both East and West. Georgians believe that guests are sent from God. Georgia is a country which had its own written language as early as the 3rd century BC. Georgia is an ancient Christian kingdom dotted with elegant fortified churches and powerful medieval castles set amid breathtaking land. Georgian folk dances and Georgian folk songs are most outstanding parts of Georgian culture.
All single travelers could join Georgia group tours to explore country's beauties and save travel expenses.

Груповые Туры в Грузию

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