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Sights and Churches of Georgian Highland Racha

In Oni Tourists can find the church of Archangel Gabriel, the Jewish synagogue, the museum of Fine arts, the Giga Japaridze's theatre museum, the studio gallery of artists Maia Nadareishvili and Izo Nadareishvili, listen to the folk music by choir "Racha", formulate the journeys toward Utsery and Shovi resorts, which are famous with their mineral waters, also toward village Shkmeri, Mravaldzali and Shkmeri. excursions on mamisony hill, visit the "Duroiani house" in the village of Ghebi etc.

Synagogue - Is located in Oni. It had been built in 1895 by Warsaw Synagogue project. It is an important architectural building.

Barakony - The church of St. Maria. It represents an old construction of Georgian domical church. It?s one of the most important churches of Racha, belonging to last period of Georgian rchitecture. It had been built in 1753 by the order of the lord Rostom of Racha.

Nikortsminda - Georgian domical church. It had been built during the reign of Georgian king Bagrat III in 1010-1014. The Church is beautified by frescos of XVII century. The church is decorated by splendid ornaments.

The pass of Mamisony - Is located in the central range of the Caucasus. On the watershed of the Ardony and Chanchaxi Rivers. Length 2619 meter. There are sub alpine and alpine zones.

Shovi - Is located in 1520 meter reduced from the level of the sea and 30 kilometer from Oni. There are Carbon dioxide - hydro carbonate, Natrium, Calcium mineral spring waters.

Utsera - The resort in the municipality of Oni. Reduction from the level of the sea 1050 meter, from Ony 10 kilometers way. It is rich with mineral waters. There is St. Maria church in the territory of resort X-XI Century. the church has been rebuilt in 1992-2002.

The museum of architecture
- Is located in Oni, built in 1952 by cultural workers of Georgia. In the museum are kept all about 14000 major and additional exponents.

Accommodation in Racha region: Hotel Racha in Oni

You can rest at the hotel in Oni where experienced host, quiet atmosphere and the kitchen of Racha are waiting for you. We are inviting you to the oldest city (Oni) of Racha, which is located on the left bank of the Rioni river. Reduction From the level of the see is 830 meters and from Tbilisi 310 meter. The hotel contains: four double rooms and one single room, private office for business meetings, big kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a toilet. There are two TV-sets in the hotel. Hotel has its own garden and double garage.

Contact: 7 Baratashvili Street, Oni. Mob: (899) 15-76-38

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