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TAMADA Georgian National Restaurant in Tbilisi

Restaurant Tamada with old Tbilisi interior, stone fireplace "Tone” (bread baker), "Factory” for chacha distillation, traditional cuisine (khinkali, shashliki, khachapuri, saczivi, phkhali, skmeruli). Special Exotic Menu: you can take part in the Vodka distillation, preparation of Churchxela, tasting hot bread from Tone, tea from cattle with the wine Saperavi.
0105 Tbilisi, Georgia
37, Orbeliani street
Tel: +99532 923280
E-mail: tamada@exotour.ge
Georgian National Restaurant Tamada in Tbilisi

Property of Exotour Travel Agency
9, Galaktioni street
0103 Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: +99532 913191
E-mail: info@exotour.ge
Restaurant Tamada Georgian local Cuisine

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Gandha said...

The restaurant looks little old but traditional. How is the food anyways! Post some photos of food served too, please.

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