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The Imereti region with its administrative centre Kutaisi is one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia. The 3500 year-old capital of ancient Colchi which used to be the capital of united Georgia 1000 years ago is 200 km from Tbilisi. Kutaisi has always been an educational, cultural and tourism center of West Georgia. The plot of the famous “Argonautica” develops round the history of Kolkheti. The expedition of ancient Greeks in search of the Golden Fleece provided much valuable data on the life of Georgian tribes, their culture, science, art and medicine. The archeological excavation confirmed the existence of mythical Colchi and exposed many valuable things such as stunning gold jewelry, agricultural tools and weapons. They are displayed in a special archeological museum in Kutaisi. Kutaisi is proud of a rich repertoire of its Drama, Opera, Puppet, Mask and Youth Theaters as well as talented actors and actresses who perform on their stages.
Historical places of Kutaisi, a wide choice of restaurants, bars and entertaining centers create a friendly atmosphere for foreign visitors.

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