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Tbilisi - Capital of Georgia

The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi is one of the ancient cities of the world, situated in the valley of the river Mtkvari. The bridges connect the right and left banks of the city. The place was populated since ancient times, as far as four thousand years BC. During its long and complicated history the city appeared the place of incessant dramatic juxtaposition of a number of various nations and cultures.

The territory of present-day Tbilisi and its suburbs was populated four or five centuries ago. There are a multitude of churches and historic monuments in the old part of the town, as well as many museums, narrow streets and old houses with the characteristic wooden balconies, wide and open. The statue of Mother of Georgia, overlooking the city from the mountain ridge, attracts attention: welcoming its guests with a bowl of wine in one hand, and a sword in another for the enemies, the statue represents the symbol of Georgia. Once in Tbilisi, guests can see the Church of Anchiskhati (6th c.), Sioni Cathedral (7th c.), the Narikala fortress (4th c.), a synagogue, a mosque, a few museums (history museum, and an open-air ethnography museum and the funicular make the musts for visitors of the city). Among other tourists’ diversions are visits to souvenir shops, fairs, theatres, modern movie theatres, restaurants, bars, cafes, fitness-centres and the notorious sulphur spring-baths.

The legend of Tbilisi foundation: Once, while hunting in the dense woods on the territory of modern Tbilisi, King Vakhtang Gorgasali who loved falconry pursued a pheasant. His falcon chased the bird but soon the king lost the sight of both of them. Then the royal suite found the birds in the pool of a sulphur spring. As he found the spring hot, King Vakhtang decided to call this place Tbilisi (“tbili” meaning warm in Georgian). Soon the king founded the city of Tbilisi, where the capital of Georgia was moved to in the 5th c. AD.

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Tbilisi Photos

Tbilisi Lights

City Life

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David Gareja

David Gareja Monastery – includes 16 smaller complexes among which the oldest is called David’s Lavra (6th c.). In the middle Ages a famed art school flourished here influencing the development of graphic art.

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Weekend in Kakheti

Day 1: city tour Tbilisi - David Gareja – Telavi
Today we have excursion to David Gareji Monastery. The Monastery is situated in Gareji semi-desert, 75km southeast from Tbilisi.
We’ll visit the two complexes – David’s Lavra – the very first to have been established by holy father – David. The Lavra monastery complex beneath of the sandstone rock is definitely worth a visit, and even more so a hike (two hours) up to the Udabno monastery. There, at the edge of the natural border between Georgia and Azerbaijan, you may marvel at the frescos from 9th up to 14th century that strike the visitor with their well-preserved colors.
Picnic on the hike, in the refectory of the ancient. Drive to Telavi.

Day 2: Telavi – Kakheti region - Tbilisi
In the morning visiting a peasant family, tasting of chacha and home-made wine. Drive to Gremi fortress (16th-17th centuries), the church of Gremi is one of the most magnificent centre-cupola buildings of the later period. (King of Kakheti, Levan, built the complex of the churches of Archangel in the centre of the town 1565).
Visit Tsinandali, the residence of Prince Alexandre Chavchavadze (18t-19th centuries).We also see beautiful garden and old wine cellars. Testing old wines in local cellars. visit tbilisi.

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The Imereti region with its administrative centre Kutaisi is one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia. The 3500 year-old capital of ancient Colchi which used to be the capital of united Georgia 1000 years ago is 200 km from Tbilisi. Kutaisi has always been an educational, cultural and tourism center of West Georgia. The plot of the famous “Argonautica” develops round the history of Kolkheti. The expedition of ancient Greeks in search of the Golden Fleece provided much valuable data on the life of Georgian tribes, their culture, science, art and medicine. The archeological excavation confirmed the existence of mythical Colchi and exposed many valuable things such as stunning gold jewelry, agricultural tools and weapons. They are displayed in a special archeological museum in Kutaisi. Kutaisi is proud of a rich repertoire of its Drama, Opera, Puppet, Mask and Youth Theaters as well as talented actors and actresses who perform on their stages.
Historical places of Kutaisi, a wide choice of restaurants, bars and entertaining centers create a friendly atmosphere for foreign visitors.

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About Georgia

Location: Georgia is situated in the western and central parts of Trans-Caucasia between the Black and Caspian Seas, on the crossroad of the ancient Silk Road that connected Asia to Europe. Georgia shares its northern border with the Russian Federation, the south-east border with Azerbaijan; in the south it borders Armenia and Turkey, while the Black Sea makes the western limits of the country, with the coastal line of the country about 315 km. Seaports at the Black Sea connect Georgia with Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey; Bosporus and Dardanelle straights connect the country with the Mediterranean region, and the river Danube links it with Central and Eastern Europe.

Facts about Georgia
Capital: Tbilisi
Other major cities in the country: Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustavi.
Area: 69.7 thousand sq. m.
Population: 4.6 million.
Official language: Georgian.
Religion: Dominant religion – Orthodox Christianity (70%). Other religions and confessions: Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, and Gregorian Christianity.
National currency: Georgian Lari (1 GEL = 0,60 USD approx).
Time zone: +3 GMT
Telephone code: +995
National and Religious Holidays:
New Year: January 1-2
Orthodox Christmas: January 7
Mother’s Day: March 3
Easter Monday
Independence Day: May 26
Mariamoba (Assumption of the Holy Virgin): August 28
Mtskheta - Svetitskhovloba: October 14
Tbilisoba (Tbilisi-city festivities): Last week of October
Giorgoba (St. George’s Day): November 23

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