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Mountainous Georgia from Tusheti to Khevsureti

Day 1 – From Tbilisi drive to Kakheti region, on the way visit Sighnaghi old-city, Bodbe monastery, fortified medieval citadel of Gremi, Gurjaani Kvelatsminda church, stay overnight at the guesthouse Vazisubani near Telavi.

Day 3 - Visit architectural complex of Alaverdi, ancient academy of Ikalto and Shuamta monasteries. Drive to Tusheti province with off-road vehicle, sightseeing in Omalo, administrative centre of the region, and cultural excursion to open-air ethnography museum, stay overnight at the Hotel Kamsuri in Omalo.

Day 4 – Trekking to the museum villages: Shenakho, Diklo and Dartlo, stay overnight in tents near Dartlo village (trekking approx. 20 km).
Day 5 - Trekking to Atsuna Pass along the Pirikiti Alazani River. Stay overnight in tents near Kvakhidi (trekking aprox. 18 km).
Day 6 - Trekking along the Pirikiti Alazani to the camping place. Stay overnight in tents near the river (trekking aprox. 20 km).
Day 7 - Cross the Adsunta pass on 3600 m height and enter from Tusheti to Khevsureti province, overnight in tents behind the pass (trekking approx. 16 km).
Day 8 - Trekking to Ardoti, sightseeing of Ardoti fortress and overnight in tents near the village Ardoti (trekking approx. 20 km).
Day 9 - Trekking in Khevsureti province: visit Khakhmati and Mutso fortresses, overnight in tents near the village Mutso (trekking approx. 20 km).

Day 10 - Trekking to Shatili, visit the village and fortifications, stay overnight at the private guesthouse in Shatili (trekking approx. 18 km).
Day 11 – Drive with off-road vehicle to Gudani Cross, Anatoria sanctuaries and via Datvis-jvris Pass (2676 m) return to Tbilisi. Departure

Tour price from 315 USD per person and include:
* All transfers (off-road vehicle in the mountainous provinces);
* Accommodation at the guesthouses and camping places;
* Sleeping tents for trekking in Tusheti Khevsureti provinces;
* FB meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotels or restaurants; picnic during trekking;
* Professional adventure guide service.

Tour provided by Exotour Travel Company in Georgia

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Aiesha said...

Anytime I read a travel piece I am ready to book a ticket. I'm such a sucker for any cultural experience. Sounds amazing! I've done Europe, much of Asia, and North Africa. Hands down my favorite trip was a food and wine tour to Tuscany. Really had the time of my life and it's like every local is there to help you enjoy. Next trip you should check it out.

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