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Georgian Folk Music: about the Georgian Songs

Like a tender whisper or like a tremendous roar, the ancient Georgian folk songs fill the air.
For at least one thousand years, the polyphonous song has been a natural part of life in this country south of Caucasus. The Georgian people have always been singing during labour in the fields, at weddings and funerals, at parties and in wartime...
There are even serious music researchers who state that once upon a time, the Georgians taught our ancestors in the West to sing polyphonic songs. In Georgia, it is above all men, who sing polyphonic songs. There are also many folk songs for female voices, but there are no mixed choirs in traditional Georgian music.
Roughly speaking, Georgian can be divided into a West Georgian and an East Georgian tradition. In East Georgia, it is very common that two solo performers weave their richly ornamented parts together, carried by the flexible bordun voices of the other singers.
In West Georgia, the polyphony is more refined. In a westerners ear, the songs may often sound rather chaotic at first, with three or four voices living their own lives with no traditionally harmonious connection.
However, there are leading people in the West, who have declared that these songs, from a composition-technical point of view, are equivalent to the most refined works by Bach and Beethoven.
In West Georgian music, you may also often hear the unique krimanchuli song. Krimanchuli is a form of yodeling in an extremely high tone. The technique is very arduous and the best krimanchili singers are highly esteemed in Georgia. You may often listen to real championships when the singers try to surpass each other with the most outrageous musical excesses.

Jens Moller
producer of the Mono Music CD with Ensemble Tbilisi

In May 2001 the UNESCO, meeting in Paris, designated 19 oral traditions to a World Cultural Heritage List. One was the polyphonic singing from Georgia:
Chakrulo - the Georgian song, which 30 years ago was selected to be part of the music that was to represent human culture aboard the spacecraft Voyager I. It is on its way to Outer Space from the Earth travelling at 144 000 km/h and it is at present in the Autumn of 2001 some 12 000 millions km away.

Sights and Churches of Georgian Highland Racha

In Oni Tourists can find the church of Archangel Gabriel, the Jewish synagogue, the museum of Fine arts, the Giga Japaridze's theatre museum, the studio gallery of artists Maia Nadareishvili and Izo Nadareishvili, listen to the folk music by choir "Racha", formulate the journeys toward Utsery and Shovi resorts, which are famous with their mineral waters, also toward village Shkmeri, Mravaldzali and Shkmeri. excursions on mamisony hill, visit the "Duroiani house" in the village of Ghebi etc.

Synagogue - Is located in Oni. It had been built in 1895 by Warsaw Synagogue project. It is an important architectural building.

Barakony - The church of St. Maria. It represents an old construction of Georgian domical church. It?s one of the most important churches of Racha, belonging to last period of Georgian rchitecture. It had been built in 1753 by the order of the lord Rostom of Racha.

Nikortsminda - Georgian domical church. It had been built during the reign of Georgian king Bagrat III in 1010-1014. The Church is beautified by frescos of XVII century. The church is decorated by splendid ornaments.

The pass of Mamisony - Is located in the central range of the Caucasus. On the watershed of the Ardony and Chanchaxi Rivers. Length 2619 meter. There are sub alpine and alpine zones.

Shovi - Is located in 1520 meter reduced from the level of the sea and 30 kilometer from Oni. There are Carbon dioxide - hydro carbonate, Natrium, Calcium mineral spring waters.

Utsera - The resort in the municipality of Oni. Reduction from the level of the sea 1050 meter, from Ony 10 kilometers way. It is rich with mineral waters. There is St. Maria church in the territory of resort X-XI Century. the church has been rebuilt in 1992-2002.

The museum of architecture
- Is located in Oni, built in 1952 by cultural workers of Georgia. In the museum are kept all about 14000 major and additional exponents.

Accommodation in Racha region: Hotel Racha in Oni

You can rest at the hotel in Oni where experienced host, quiet atmosphere and the kitchen of Racha are waiting for you. We are inviting you to the oldest city (Oni) of Racha, which is located on the left bank of the Rioni river. Reduction From the level of the see is 830 meters and from Tbilisi 310 meter. The hotel contains: four double rooms and one single room, private office for business meetings, big kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a toilet. There are two TV-sets in the hotel. Hotel has its own garden and double garage.

Contact: 7 Baratashvili Street, Oni. Mob: (899) 15-76-38

Mountaineering travellers will enjoy also other tours to Georgia Highland Regions such as Kazbegi, Khevsureti, Sairme and Svaneti

Svaneti Hiking Tour - 4 days

Day 1. Drive to west Georgia: visit antique town of Uplistsikhe, Stalin Museum in Gori, arrival in Kutaisi and excursion in the City: Bagrati Temple, Gelati Cathedral, stay overnight at the Hotel Altani in Kutaisi.
Day 2. Via Zugdidi drive to Svaneti with off-road vehicle, visit Museum of History and Ethnography, hiking near the Town and stay overnight at the guesthouse in Mestia.
Day 3. Drive to Ushguli village Svaneti situated 2200 m. above the sea level and is famous with its watch towers and beautiful view of Mt. Shkhara, tour to Ethnographical Museum, 12th Century Church of the Virgin Mary. Back to Mestia and stay overnight.
Day 4. Mestia hiking tour to the beautiful mountainous places around the City, return to Radisson SAS Iveria Hotel Tbilisi.

Tour extension for adventure travellers: Horseback riding in the Caucasus Mountains.
Rates: from 360 EUR p.p.

Tour provider Exotour Tbilisi, Georgian Tour Operator
Photos by Bardi Vadachkoria

Photos over Tbilisi City

5 star Sheraton Hotel in Batumi City - Adjara Region

The new Hilton hotel will be one of the highest and most fashionable hotels along the Black Sea coast, located on the seaside in Batumi Boulevard park the 22-floor hotel consists of 202 suites. Hilton hotel will also have a restaurant, a casino and an events hall for 1000 people. More than 30 million USD was invested for the project. Hotel will open on May 6, 2009 year.
During next years will be opened other two 5 star hotels in Batumi - Medea Hotel operated by Radisson and Meskheti Hotel operated by Ramada. They will be available for reservations soon in Batumi Hotel booking web page.

Short hiking weekend tour in Kazbegi

Day 1 - Sightseeings in Mzkheta: Shio Mghvime monastery, trekking to Zeda Zeni Church, drive to Gudauri and stay overnight in Gudauri Ski Hotel.
Day 2 – Nord Georgia - Tour to Kazbegi via Ananuri fortress, Jvari Pass, and sightseeings in Kazbegi. Hiking to the Gergeti Church and stay overnight at the Stephantsminda Hotel in Kazbegi.
Day 3 - Hiking to Truso gorge (also available horseback riding), excursion to Sno and Juta Villages. Return to the Hotel in Tbilisi.

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